We make use of the PUDO locker system mainly and for bigger items we use the Courier Guy. Delivery is very easy and explained below in more detail.

International shipping is not yet offered, but we are working at availing this option to our community beyond South Africa’s borders!

Collection at the Neelsie

You can purchase online and the items will be kept in store for you to collect at your convenience. We have limited space to store items and kindly request to collect your parcel within 14 days. If you do not show up in time, we will not discard of your parcel but it will be moved to a different storage area outside of the Neelsie. 

Collection at Tygerberg Campus

There is a PUDO locker in the student centre at Tygerberg campus. We are working hard to arrange for FREE delivery on campus but at the moment it is not possible, watch this space.

Courier with PUDO

The PUDO system is super easy to use. You can choose between two options.

  1. Ship to a PUDO locker if you are not home at set times and wish to pick up your parcel at your convenience. Lockers are usually reserved up to 24 hours but you will receive an SMS from them with a PIN and expiry date for the locker. You use the PIN to open the door containing your parcel.

  2. Ship straight to your door. If you know you will be home when you are expecting the parcel, you can simply add your address and you will have your parcel within 3 – 5 days.

For more information on the PUDO system, check out their explainer video here

This is an example of what the lockers look like. They are stationed all over South Africa. Simply download the PUDO app on your phone or visit their website to find your closest locker.

A waybill tracking number will be supplied to you via email once the parcel has been shipped and you can track it here.


Courier with Courier Guy

Certain items are too big to fit in the PUDO lockers and the shipping option presented will only show the Courier Guy as they can assist with shippping of bigger items. They only delivery to addresses and not lockers so you can give up your home address or work address for delivery. Delivery is between 1 – 5 days usually.


Thank you for your continued support of our Matie Shop brand!